Payment Options


We can pay in Cash with receipt of transaction incl. our grading and pricing information.

Bank Transfers

If you prefer to have a record that’s no issue.
We can send a bank transfer as well as a receipt, however we will need some details from you(name, acc. name).
Keep in mind it might take up to 3days for the transaction to show up on your account.


We will need a name the cheque is for and it will take approx. 3days to clear.

Would you like a big cheque?
We can arrange a big, joke cheque but don’t forget to contact us in advance so we can prepare one.

Weekly payments

This option is targeted for those who are looking to set up clothes banks.

Annual and quarterly fundraisers

For those who are looking to set up contracts or timely fundraisers especially schools,
clubs or charity organisations. We can provide you with extra advertisement materials such as leaflets, bags and posters.