Do I have to weigh my clothes before off loading them at Get Cash 4 Clothes branch?

No, a member of our team in each branch will happily check and weigh the goods with you, and pay you 40 cent per kilogram.

There is no Get Cash 4 Clothes branch near my house/organisation. Would you collect the goods yourselves?

Collection depends on the the total weight. We consider 100kg which is equivalent to 10-12 black bags as a minimum for 1day notice collection.
However depending on location and time it’s possible to arrange a smaller collection.

Please email us: info@getcash.ie. or fill out our contact form to discuss this.

We are a school/community organisation and we are thinking of raising funds by having a mass collection of old clothes. What should we do?

Simply email us: info@getcash.ie. with your enquiries. We will arrange a collection day that suits you