Clothes banks

Our clothing banks are completely free of charge
Getcash provides the highest standard clothing banks in Ireland. We manufacture, style and maintain clothing banks.

Have you a place that’s easily accessible to the public and you’d like to start earning? Give us a call

Size options

  • Small (good for indoors)
  • Medium
  • Large


Clothing banks require maintenance. We are glad to maintain the banks with your approval

Maintenance service includes:

  • Painting
  • Repairs
  • Collections
  • Phone support


Clothing banks can be provided for temporary use to be used as short term storage and a drop off point for fundraisers.

Clothing recycling has been gaining popularity over the years and we encourage all clubs, charities and other organisations to not just earn funds but also educate in the importance of recycling.


We at get cash take recycling seriously. We will make sure it is recycled with minimal impact to the environment.
Any fundraising or clothing bank leftovers that are unsuitable for reuse incl. textiles and materials, will be recycled free of charge.

By selling us clothes you are also providing jobs in Africa and reducing clothing waste filling up landfill sites.